Roger - Roger (so nice we named him twice)

...16 days old   ...with the family   ...intro to ceramics   ...nap time   ...intro to bonsai
Roger and Surrogate Mother - Maggie   How he got the name...   ....toy Boy
Maggie looked after Roger and showed him around the mountain. She would bring him back home when he wandered too far away.   ...every once in awhile Roger would bring home a surprise from an Amish neighbor.
Things Roger Destroyed Today   Angel Sweetness   Cheese   Oliver & Roger   Dog Chair
Xmas 2007   Xmas 2010   Xmas 2011   Xmas 2016   Reedsville Guest BR
Kiln Opening 3   Kiln Opening 4   Kiln Opening 7   Coffee and Donuts   Donuts and Coffee
New home in NC   NC Guest BR   Roger goes to Walmart   Bed Buddy   Roger and Harry
Roger's 2nd Trip to OBX   Watching Ducks   Lunch at Fishy Fishy   Walk on the beach
Going for a walk ... nothing better.   Grilled Chicken Breast at Fishy Fishy - Ice Cream for desert
Precious Boy