Glaze Samples


   Poured Glazes

Bamboo   Shino3   Bronze   Tenmoku








DebbiesRed   Debbies Red 2   SeafoamGreen2   Seafoam1
Debbie's Red   Debbie's Red   Seafoam Green   Seafoam Green
Frog   Frog2   SatinMatteBlue   SatinMatteBlue2
Frog   Frog   Satin Matte Blue   Satin Matte Blue
Granite   GraniteHeavy   Granite - thick    
Granite - applied thinly by dipping   Granite - applied heavy   Granite - applied thickly    
Haystack Matte   HaystackMatte2   HAystack Matte 3    
Haystack Matte   Haystack Matte   Haystack Matte    
Peachy Satin   Peachy Satin2   Peachy Satin3    
Peachy Satin   Peachy Satin   Peachy Satin    
Pier Black   Pier Black2   Pier Black3    
Pier Black   Pier Black   Pier Black    
Shino   Shino2   Shino4    
Shino   Shino   Shino    
Unglazed   Unglazed2   UnglazedMgn3   unglazed3
Unglazed   Unglazed   Unglazed with Manganese Stain   Unglazed

   Sprayed and Combination Glazes

OB94   IP14   MelsFrog   OB84
Sprayed Frog   Sprayed Granite   Granite with Black overspray   Granite with Black overspray
OB87   OB100     OB95
Orange with Peachy and
Bamboo overspray
  Orange with Peachy over and
light black
  Orange over Frog   Sprayed Frog
OB96   OB99     WhiteFlashBlack
Granite with light black overspray   Granite with White Stain Matte
  Orange with Debbie's Red and
Bamboo overspray
  White with Black Stain Matte