Style Examples of Cascade shaped bonsai pots...

...range from shohin scale, 3 to 5" to larger pots 20" or more in depth. Cascades are slab built or wheel thrown, can be made in the variety of clay bodies and finished in natural unglazed surfaces or glazed.

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Hand-built Forms
Hand-built Cascade - Les' Blue   Slab-built Cascade - Tall - Unglazed  
Hand-built Cascade - Unglazed -
Faceted Corners
  Hand-built Cascade - Unglazed -
Rectangular Shape
  Hand-built cascade - Seafoam Green Glaze -
Flashes of brown color are caused by wood ash deposits in the firing.
Hand-built Cascade - Unglazed   Carved Hand-built Semi-Cascade - Unglazed   Hand-built Cascade - Unglazed -
Curved Upper Edge
  Semi-cascade - Shino Glaze
Semi-cascade - Shino Glaze   Semi-cascade - Frog Glaze   Shoin - Cascade - Les' Blue Glaze   Rectangular Semi-cascade -
Rounded Corners - Granite Glaze
Thrown Forms
Thrown Cascade - Altered while soft into Squared Form - Mel's Orange   Thrown Cascade with Bamboo detail Black Glaze   Thrown Cascade - Unglazed   Thrown Cascade -
Unglazed with Black Stain
Thrown Cascade with
Peachy Satin Glaze
  Thrown Cascade with Bamboo detail
Shino Glaze
  Thrown Cascade with Granite Glaze   Thrown Cascade -
Altered while soft - Unglazed
Thrown Semi-cascade with
Granite Glaze
  Thrown Semi-cascade -
Les' Blue Glaze
  Thrown Semi-cascade -
Shino Glaze
  Thrown Semi-cascade -
Bowed-wall Semi-cascade with
Shino Glaze
  Thrown Cascade with Black Glaze   Bowed-wall Semi-cascade
fluted foot - extended lip - unglazed
  Bowed-wall Semi-cascade
inset corners- flattened lip - unglazed