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Experimental forms

"With much contemporary sculpture, the artist often creates with a specific location in mind. The potential of the site influences the artist and therefore the artwork, and in turn the site is revised and transformed by the work. Context is often a source of inspiration for the artist and critical to the viewer's appreciation and understanding. There can be reciprocity, even collaboration"...from Bonsai in Sites Catalog (downloadable)

Curved Inset Planter

Terraced Garden Planter
Architectural Inset Planter
Inset Kusamono Planter
Divided Hedgerow Boxwood Planting
Hedgrow Planting of Boxwoods in Shino Inset Planter
Inset Strata Container with Horizontal Bands
Kusamono Strata with Bronze Glaze
Bowed-wall Strata Container
Inset Strata Container with Diagonal Bands
  Boxwood Planting in Tall Inset Planter   Rectangular Strata Container with Irregular Sections