Style Examples of Kusamono & Tile and Accent Planters

...come in an endless variety of styles and sizes.The term Kusamono literally means "grass object" and often consists of a grass or flowering plant. It is a type of companion planting for Bonsai trees.
The primary goal is to reflect the season in a formal display. They are aslo displayed alone.

(click on an image to see an enlargement)

Iris Container -
Seafoam Green Glaze
Kusamono - Seafoam Green   Kusamono - Granite Glaze - thick   Convex Arch Kusamono - Shino   Planted with Varigated Grass
Irregular-lip and foot - trough shape - Frog Glaze   Hand-built - carved kusamono - planted w/ broadleaf grass and moss   Convex Arch Kusamono-
planted with Pilea Glauca
  Inset Concave Arc Kusamono Container - Haystack Glaze
Square Inset Kusamono Container - Moss   Bamboo Shape - Thrown - unglazed - Chocolate Clay   Organic Kusamono Container - Granite Glaze   Organic Kusamono - Haystack Glaze - Golden Fern and Spike Moss
Rectanglar Kusamono Container - Haystack Glaze   Dish Shaped Kusamono -
unglazed Chocolate Clay

Slab-built Kusamono - carved - Granite Glaze

  Small Carved Kusamono -
Debbie's Red Glaze top
Inset Planter - Kusamono -
Frog Glaze Blushing Red
  Carved Rectangle -
Seafoam Green Glaze
  Dish Shaped Kusamono -
Shino Glaze
  Rectangle - distressed lip -
Matte Blue Glaze
Distressed lip - slanted sides - Kusamono - Frog Glaze   Slab-built Kusamono - Shino Glaze   Slab-built Kusamono - Shino Glaze - cascade shape   Inset Truncated Cube -
Granite Glaze
Irregular Geometric Kusamono - Seafom Green Glaze   Thrown Accent Planter - Blue Glaze   Strata Kusamono - Bronze Glaze   Sawtooth Slab Construction - Seafoam Green Glaze
Carved Iris Container - unglazed   Strata Kusamono - unglazed   Strata Kusamono - unglazed   Hand-built - carved kusamono - planted w/ broadleaf grass & moss

10" square tile - Bronze Glaze   10" square tile - Mel's Orange Glaze   10" square tile - Seafoam Green Glaze   10" square tile - Black Satin Matte Glaze
Carved Tile with Shino Glaze   Curved Tile with Shino Glaze   planted with moss and fern   Curved Tile - unglazed - chocolate brown clay - distressed edge
Pair of Tile with serrated edge - Shino Glaze   detail   Pair of Tile with serrated edge - Heavy Granite Glaze   Pair of Tile with serrated edge - Debbie's Red Glaze
Pair of Tile with serrated edge - Bamboo Glaze   6" Round Tile - Debbie's Red Glaze   Footed Curved Tile - Frog Glaze   underside