Style Examples of Oval Bonsai Containers

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OB43     OB48lg
Peachy Satin and Seafoam - Spray     Granite and Red Ash Glazes
OB46     OB51
Squared Oval - Mel's Orange and Peachy Satin Glazes           Red Ash Glaze
OB53   OB54   OB58   OB60
Mel's Orange and Peachy Satin   Seafoam Green   Mel's Orange, Debbie's Red and Bamboo   Orange, Frog and Peachy Satin
OB66   OB68   OB69   OB72
Les' Blue Glaze   Haystack Glaze   Detail of drainage and wire tie-in holes   Granite and Frog Glazes
OB77   OB78   OB80   OB83
Unglazed   Unglazed   Granite   Frog Thinly Applied top
OB84   OB86   OB87   OB90
Granite with Black Overspray   Frog and Mel's Orange   Orange, Peachy Satin with Bamboo   Unglazed with Manganese Stain
OB91   OB94   OB96   OB95
Unglazed with Manganese Stain   Frog Glaze   Granite w/ Black Overspray   Frog Glaze
OB97   OB98   ShallowOval  
Unglazed   Unglazed   Peachy Stain Glze   Haystack Glaze
Frog Glaze with Black Glaze Overspray   Bamboo w/ light Frog   Les' Blue   Mel's Orange and Peachy Satin
Red Ash Glaze   Les' Blue Glaze   Blue Glaze variation   top