Style Examples of Round Bonsai Containers


medium rounds

shallow rounds

drum shape


carved rounds


Mid to Deep Round Containers are the most versatile. Wide and stable at the foot, the profile can vary from angular slanted forms to vertical or bowed walls. They range from 2 inches in height and taller.
Variations display smooth surface, sharp edge and clean minimal form or can reflect a "slower wheel" style of throwing that imparts a softness and undulation to the clay and a casualness of style...

(click on an image to see an enlargement)       Simple Lip - Raised Bead, Simple Foot - Bamboo Glaze   Indented Lower Edge, Simple Lip - Recessed Foot - Frog Glaze
Simple Lip - Recessed Foot - Haystack Glaze   Indented Lower Edge - Simple Thickened Lip - Frog Glaze   Bowed-wall - Granite Sprayed over Shino   Compound Curve Wal - Black Glaze over Granite Glaze
Bowed-wall with Beveled Lip - Les' Blue Glaze   Concave wall - Softened Defined Lip is Extension of Wall - Granite Glaze   Compound Curve - Convex Wall - Inset Foot - Simple Lip - Matte Blue Glaze   Bowl Shape - Simple Lip - Simple Foot - Haystack Glaze           top
Throwing Rings - Straight Wall - Seafoam Green Glaze   Dish Shape - Beveled Lip - Slightly Defined Lip - Unglazed   Straight Wall - Simple Lip - Foot is Extension of Wall - Frog Glaze   Simple Lip - Inset Foot - Granite Glaze
Slight Concave Wall - Defined Lip   Loosely Thrown - Unglazed   Convex Curve Wall - Flared Lip - Foot is Extension of Wall - Light Blue Glaze   Complex Curve Wall - Simple Lip - Inset Foot - Light Blue Glaze

Shallow Round Containers are wide and stable at the foot, the
profile can vary from angular slanted dish shape forms to vertical or bowed walls that range from 1 inch to 2.5 inches in height.
      Shallow Round - Dish Shape -Defined Lip -Inset Foot - Frog Glaze           top
Angular Convex Wall - Inset Foot - Black Glaze   Shallow, Defined Lip - Inset Foot - Haystack Glaze   Shallow - Quarterly Indentations - Shino Glaze   Shallow- Convex Wall - Matte
Blue Glaze
Bowed-wall - Defined Lip - Inset Foot Bamboo Glaze with Spray of Debbie's Red Glaze   Shallow - Complex Curve - Matte Blue Glaze - Inset Simple Foot   Shallow - Simple Lip - Inset Foot - Granite Glaze with Bamboo Glaze Overspray   Shallow - Complex Curve - Simple Lip Black Glaze with Frog Overspray
Vary Shallow Dish Shape -
Beveled Lip - Shino Glaze
  Dish Shape - Unglazed - Continuous Foot with Cut-out Separations   Dish Shape - Haystack Glaze - Continuous Foot with Cut-out Separations   Shallow Dish Shape - Black Glaze - Continuous Foot with Cut-out Separations

Drum Style
A traditional style of bonsai pot often used for Literati and other narrow trunked shaples as well trees that feature shari and jin (deadwood) in their design.  Many of the drums I make feature a unique detail- a “hammered” texture on top and bottom bands with rivets.
Drum with Top and Bottom Rivets - Unglazed - Manganese Stain   Drum with Top Rivets - Shallow -
Bronze Glaze
  Drum with Top Rivets - Bronze Glaze   Drum - "Hammered" band with rivets Unglazed

Multi-sided Rounds
Polygonal shapes can be designed based on traditional shapes such as round, square or rectangle.  As with all our pots these are individually custom designed and not made from casts or molds.
  Bowed - 9 sided - Unglazed   Bowed - 9 sided - Unglazed

Nanban Container Forms are traditional for Literati Display. They
are expressionistic, soft, irregular unglazed and humble in appearance.
      Nanban - Shallow - Unglazed   Nanban - Shallow - Unglazed   top
Nanban - Shallow - Unglazed   Nanban Unglazed   Nanban - Unglazed   Deep Round Nanban - Unglazed

Carved Containers thrown and hand-built bonsai or kusamono containers can be embellished with a low relief carving. The surfaces can remain unglazed for a natural surface or finished in an array wood-fired glazed effects.

            Carved Round - Thin Shino Glaze
Carved Round Bonsai Pot - Frog Glaze   Carved Round Semi-cascade - Unglazed   Carved Round Bonsai Pot -
Seafoam Green Glaze
  Carved Round - Shino Glaze
Carved Round Bonsai Pot - Shino   Carved Round - Thin Shino   Carved Round - Unglazed   Carved Round - Thick Shino Glaze